by The Silverhounds

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3 Song EP heralding a new era of The Silverhounds. Louder, Faster, Harder. Seamlessly blending Metal, Thrash, Punk, and Psychobilly in a serving that harkens back to the horror roots of the first EP


released March 10, 2017

Music by The Silverhounds
Produced by Daniel Pena
Recorded by Daniel Pena
Mixing by Will Lewis
Upright Bass: Daniel Pena
Guitars: Derek Malunow
Drums: Ed Gilroy

Album Art: Jason Guffey
Album Layout: Daniel Pena



all rights reserved


The Silverhounds New Jersey

Fusing Rockabilly, Metal and Punk, The Silverhounds deliver manic, high energy music with a live show to match. Culling influences from Motorhead, Reverend Horton Heat, Metallica, The Misfits, Johnny Cash, and Iron Maiden (just to name a few), these Werewolves go for the jugular with their brand of mayhem

Hard and Heavy, Always Ready!
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Track Name: The Way Of The Wolf
O' Murder! Murder most foul!
The Beast o' the night did receive
The offer of blood in his bowels
Not for the thirst but thy greed

Upon the midnight hour
Dare not ye gaze upon me
I care not for man, nor his power
All insignificant sheep!

Look me not in the eye
My hand will take life without warning or pause
Ye claim thy word is the right
My judgement shall pass by the tooth or the claw
Stay the hand on thy blade
A moment is all between me and a feast
Stand aside or be slain
I honor the life of NO MAN, i am BEAST
the way of the wolf
the way of the wolf

Indeed, beyond understanding
When all thou knoweth is power
All thy glory means nothing
Mine eye sees flesh to devour

Fool, thou art to implore
The nature, the fate, of the lost
"No chance, the victim, how poor!"
Gaze upon what ye have wrought!
Track Name: The Teeth In The Darkness
Lambs to the slaughter
Docile and tamed
The chosen have fallen
Measured and weighed
Short for the scale
No one to blame
Innocence lost
Consumed by the flame

Give no quarter, death hath mine ear
Fear not the sickle, for i am the spear

I am The cold sound of silence
I am The Final Embrace
I am The Teeth in the Darkness
I am the End of Days

Penance is purchased
The shameful are saved
The one true believer
falls to the blade
I am not justice
Just or unjust
When ash turns to ashes
All become dust

Give no quarter, Death hath mine ear
Fear not the sickle, for i am the spear
Track Name: Wolf Manor
Who are we to deny
What makes us who we are deep down inside

They cant know and they'll never understand
Traitor will forever be our brand

Let them lie to themselves, we know the path we walk
We live the life and love that neither want to stop
This secret is all that we have got

Come inside
You and I
Have found a place where both of us can hide
Come inside
Where you and I
Can be ourselves within the dark of night
Where I am yours and you are mine
Together we make the dark alright
I am yours and you are mine
Tonight, tonight we are alive

Who are we to undo
The secrets that we hold from the few
They don't know and they never can
What we are they'll never understand

Let them lie to themselves, we know the path we walk
We live the life and we don't ever want to stop
No shame for our deed, we accept what we have wrought
This secret is all that we have got

in this house, we've made our own
the wolf has found a place to call him home
i sit alone